Linux News Today: KDE Now Features Huge Collection of Almost 5,000 Icons

The Visual Design Group (VDG) has finally managed to complete all the icons for KDE, bringing the total number of supported icons to 4.780.

The KDE project now has a full complement of icons, and it would be very difficult to find a known app that doesn’t have its own icon. The issue with most themes and especially icon packs is that they don’t usually provide icons for every conceivable application, and that’s a problem with desktops like KDE.

The KDE developers and designers want to have a single unified look for the desktop, and that can happen only if icons are provided by default, built by people who want them to integrate with the rest of the elements. If they don’t do this, the entire desktop has to suffer, visually, of course, when you install an application, and its icon looks different from everything else.

The Icon pack for the Breeze theme has been completed

The KDE VDG has been working on the Breeze theme and everything associated with it for a long time, and they’ve even had a couple of sprints just with this purpose in mind. Now, Breeze has been completed and provides, most likely, the biggest icon pack.

“All Oxygen icons from the oxygen repository are now available in Breeze. Therefore, we made during the sprint 1.600 new icons. So we have now 4.780 Breeze icons. Uri and I work since spring 2014 on the Breeze icons, and we made 55 % of the missing icons in one week. It impressed what you can do with KDE sprints. Hope we can do a design sprint in 2016,” wrote on of the designers from VDG.

All of these new icons and changes are now in the repos, so everyone who is using a KDE system should be getting them by now.

Via Softpedia

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