Linux News Today: KDE Plasma 5.4.1 Now Powers Kubuntu 15.10

Kubuntu developers have announced that they’ve integrated the latest KDE Plasma 5.4.1 release into the latest Kubuntu 15.10 (Willy Werewolf).

Developers have just announced the launch of the KDE Plasma for Kubuntu 15.04, and less than a week later they have reported the integration of 5.4.1, which is the first maintenance version. We already covered the launch of this version and its all about fixes, although nothing really stands out.

On the other hand, KDE Plasma 5.4 has been a great success, and it’s already present in other distros as well. In fact, Kubuntu is one of the few Ubuntu flavors that will manage to provide the latest version of the desktop environment. The main flavor Ubuntu is still using the old Unity 7, and Unity 8 is not ready, Ubuntu GNOME will ship with GNOME 3.16, and so on.

It’s also worth pointing out that Kubuntu developers have mentioned in the announcement for the first Alpha that they are not sure about the future of this flavor as an official member of the family, although they haven’t mentioned anything about it since.

In the meantime, you can always download the latest build of Kubuntu 15.10 (Willy Werewolf) and give it a spin. It’s not the final version, and it’s not ready for production machines, but it’s a good way of seeing the new KDE Plasma in action.

Via Softpedia

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