Linux News Today: KDE Plasma 5.5 Will Have a Quicklaunch Applet, New Bluetooth Devices KCM

KDE developer David Rosca published an interesting article on his blog to inform us all about the work he has done for the upcoming and highly anticipated KDE Plasma 5.5 desktop environment.

Mr. Rosca brags with the fact that he managed to re-implement the old Quicklaunch applet from the KDE4 Plasma desktop environment in QML. His version includes all the features that were available in the original version with the exception of auto-columns and auto-rows functionality, which means that users need to configure them manually.

“I use vertical panel and adding multiple launchers to vertical panel is not really convenient because they are placed bellow each other, and in result occupy a lot of vertical space,” said David Rosca. “That’s why I was using Quicklaunch that let’s you have (in my case) 4 applets that occupy the same space as one big launcher.”

Moreover, Mr. Rosca managed to fix various issues with the Bluedevil utility that connects your Bluetooth devices to KDE Plasma workspaces, as well as to work on the new Bluetooth Devices KDE Control Module (KCM), which now displays devices from all connected Bluetooth adapters and setup PAN/DUN network for supported devices.

In the end of his blog post, David Rosca confirms the fact that users of Kubuntu Linux can’t use Bluedevil because of numerous bugs, but this will change with the release of Kubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf). Lastly, the developer managed to fix various keyboard layouts issues.

Via Softpedia

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