Linux News Today: KDE Project Wants to Help Developers with Major Deployments of KDE

The KDE project has created a special mailing list for big entities that use this type of desktop environment in an effort to provide some much-needed support.

We sometimes forget that desktop environments like KDE, for example, are used in large-scale deployments like Universities or companies, just to name a couple. Since KDE is an open source project, anyone can just pick it up and use it, which is already happening. This also opens another discussion topic, that of support. Many companies that adopt open source solutions will soon face the fact that they also need support, especially since many developers prefer to customize it so that it fits their needs.

Most of the issues are solvable, but it also puts some pressure on the project if something is not working. If a company adopts KDE and that desktop doesn’t work for them, or some weird feature is not working properly, they will eventually blame KDE. This is why the KDE developers want to make sure that they provide support where it is needed.

Canonical had a similar problem when they were using GNOME 2 – users were blaming them for issues or lack of features in GNOME 2, even if it was an upstream project.

KDE support for major deployments

KDE developers and the community will try to help out, whenever possible. We’ve seen KDE in a lot of places over the years, including in the control room of a particle accelerator, so there are plenty of users who will seek this new mailing list.

“KDE software has been used in many large scale deployments, including universities, governments and countless companies. One of these organizations suggested that KDE create a deployment forum so that others can benefit from their deployment experience. The forum would provide an opportunity for sysadmins and developers to ask questions and discuss problems/solutions related to deploying KDE software in large, complex environments,” reads the entry on

The mailing list is not terribly populated right now, but that will probably change.

Via Softpedia

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