Linux News Today: Krita Is No Longer Part of the Calligra Source Code, Krita 3.0 Coming Along Nicely

While waiting for the release notes of the Krita 2.9.8 to be published, so we can tell you what new features it brings, the developers of the best free, cross-platform and open-source digital painting software published news about the future of the project.

According to the Krita developers, Krita is no longer part of the source code of the open-source Calligra office suite, as the entier project has been moved to a new Git repository, which can be cloned and forked by anyone who wants to improve the software, fix bugs, as well as to add new and attractive features.

The 2.9 branch of Krita, which is currently still distributed as part of the Calligra 2.9 series, will still be maintained for awhile, as several more maintenance releases are on their way until the software’s port to the Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5 technologies are complete.

“Let’s start with the most important part: Krita is no longer part of the Calligra source code. Krita 2.9 will still be developed inside Calligra, and we expect to do several more releases of Krita 2.9 with bug fixes and performance improvements. In fact, we expect to be releasing Krita 2.9 regularly until Krita 3.0 is done,” reads the announcement.

Krita gets more and more features

In the meantime, the Krita developers are keeping their word on adding all those nifty features that have been promised during the Kickstarter campaign. For example, they are about to finish the Level of Detail performance feature, which Ubuntu users can test right now, and they’re working hard on the animation feature.

Apparently, the port of Krita 3.0 to Qt 5 is coming along nicely, as the devs noted the fac that you can actually do some sketching and drawing with it. Support for tablet devices has been improved as well, but a lot of bugs are still present, which means that they have a lot of work in front of them.

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