Linux News Today: Kubuntu and Ubuntu Councils Issue Joint Statement

A joint statement from the Kubuntu Council and the Ubuntu Council has been published today in an attempt to alleviate the questions raised after the departure of the Kubuntu release manager, Jonathan Riddell.

When Jonathan Riddell left the Kubuntu project just a few days ago, a lot of questions remained behind. It’s still not clear if the Kubuntu project will be affected by his departure in the long run or not or exactly what is happening inside that community.

From what has transpired until now, there was also some sort of a conflict between the Kubuntu Council and the Ubuntu Council. In fact, at one point, the Kubuntu Council backed up Jonathan in this discussion with Canonical.

Now those discussions seem to have come to an end after the departure of the Kubuntu lead, so it’s only natural for the users of the distro to ask what’s next. For now, Kubuntu will go forward and will continue its pace in the same rhythm. No one knows the future so anticipating any kind of problems right now is impossible.

Kubuntu Council and the Ubuntu Council say things are good

Users have been expecting some reaction from either Canonical or the Ubuntu Council after Jonathan Riddell left at the end of last week. He had quite a few harsh words to say about Canonical, but no reaction came. It’s also quite likely that Canonical doesn’t want to attract any more attention of this matter.

“Members of both the Kubuntu and Community Councils have been approached by community members and asked what the relationship is between the each other. Both councils would like to confirm that the relationship is strong, and mechanisms are in place to ensure a healthy and open relationship between both councils. We would all like to point out that both councils collaborated and resolved any tensions together. We are all part of this one Ubuntu community; many of us have known each other for years and we all believe that everyone’s contributions are important, no matter which part of the project they ultimately land in,” reads the communique from the Ubuntu Council.

The subject matter seems to be closed, and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Via Softpedia

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