Linux News Today: Latest Manjaro Linux Update Brings Linux Kernel 4.2.1 and KDE Applications 15.08.1

After announcing the release of the fourth and last Release Candidate of the Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09 and Manjaro Linux KDE 15.09, Philip Müller comes now with news about a new update for the upcoming GNU/Linux distribution.

According to Mr. Müller, the Manjaro development team had to release another RC build because they needed to further test the KDE Applications 15.08.1 and KDE Frameworks 5.14 software for the final release of the Manjaro Linux KDE 15.09 operating system, which also affected the release of the Xfce edition.

Besides the usual package updates and bugfixes from the upstream Arch Linux software repositories, syncronized on September 22, 2015, there are now new kernel versions implemented in the Manjaro Linux operating system, including Linux kernel 3.10.89 LTS, Linux kernel 3.14.53 LTS, Linux kernel 4.1.8 LTS, Linux kernel 4.2.1, and Linux kernel 4.3 Release Candidate 2.

Moreover, the devs managed to update the systemd init system to version 226, adjust OpenRC to match the systemd changes, update the manjaro-tools package to version 0.9.13 RC1, which optimizes the boot speed of the Live CD and adds new features, patch the Chromium web browser and the Adobe Flash Player plugin with the regular security fixes, as well as update the D-Bus package to version 1.10.0.

“I’m happy to announce another review cycle for Manjaro 15.09,” says Philip Müller on behalf of the Manjaro Development Team. “It is time for our fourth release candidate of Manjaro 15.09. Why another RC? Well, we have to test the new KDE Framework 5.14 and KDE Apps 15.08.1 for our final release first.”

Manjaro Linux 15.09 comes later this month

In the announcement, the Manjaro developers talk about the fact that the systemd 226 and D-Bus 1.10.0 packages have been optimized to launch the dbus-daemon only once per user, and that all user’s sessions will share the same D-Bus “session” bus, which lets the dbus-daemon to depend on the systemd init system for activation instead of producing its own server processes.

Those of you who want to try the Manjaro Linux KDE 15.09 Release Candidate 4 and Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09 Release Candidate 4 operating systems can download the Live CD ISO images for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures right now from Softpedia. However, please keep in mind that these are pre-release versions and we don’t recommend installing them on production machines.

Via Softpedia

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