Linux News Today: Launch of the Fastest Booting Linux OS, Solus, Gets Delayed Until October 3

The Solus operating system launch that was supposed to happen today has been delayed until Saturday. Developers need to fix a nasty problem that can affect the installation of the distro.

We were all waiting the launch of Solus with great interest, but it looks like we’re going to have to wait for a few more days, until October 3. Even if the developers set the October 1 date a couple of months ago, this is a last-minute problem that couldn’t be corrected in time. They did try to repair the issue up until launch, but from the looks of it the bug continues to elude them although they do suspect something X11 related.

The Solus project has been growing in scope in the past few months. It started as a small distro built by Ikey Doherty that was supposed to provide a classic and simple desktop experience, but Solus is now a lot bigger. It comes with its own desktop environment, Budgie, and it’s probably one of the most beautiful modern distros that still retain some of the design from the past.

Solus will be here, soon

I’m pretty sure that everyone waiting on the new OS to land thinks the same way. Delaying the launch is a much better decision than shipping a broken OS, so everyone is urging the developers to take their time.

“Long story short the install doesn’t always work – leaving the systems in an inconsistent state. It’s simply something that cannot be shipped as it would require us to re-issue a new ISO to address that anyway. (Broken/unusable X11 not being good for first impressions). At the end of the day, we want to ensure the ISO meets our own quality standards, and something like this simply cannot be present in our first stable ISO. Apologies for any inconvenience caused,” wrote lead developer Ikey Doherty.

It’s also worth saying that Solus managed to get some impressive boot numbers, and it has been clocked at about 1 second, which is really impressive for an operating system with a full desktop experience.

Via Softpedia

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