Linux News Today: LibreOffice Viewer for Ubuntu Touch Making Great Progress

Developers are preparing a LibreOffice viewer for the Ubuntu phones, and it looks like it’s coming along just nicely. It’s still early work, but its makers are already reporting great progress and really good performance.

The news that a  LibreOffice viewer is in the works was very well received by the Ubuntu Touch community since this a sorely missed application. The ability to open all types of office documents is an important one, even if users can’t edit them. As you can imagine, this is a rather difficult task, and it will take awhile.

It’s also worth mentioning that the LibreOffice viewer will arrive on the Android platform as well, so it’s not being developed only for Ubuntu users. One of the things that are being worked on by devs is the performance of the app, which seems to have improved tremendously since the addition of SceneGraph.

“Hi, folks! Update on DocViewer – I’ve implemented multithreaded SceneGraph rendering in our app! Will be merged in reboot branch soon 🙂 As +Stefano Verzegnassi says improvement is very significant (I even didn’t compare with old version on big documents)!” wrote Roman Shchekin, one of the devs from the project.

The LibreOffice viewer doesn’t have a launch date, and we don’t know just how advanced the project really is, but we will likely see something stable by the end of the year.

As a side note, the screenshot shows the app running in the Qt Creator, and not on a phone.

Via Softpedia

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