Linux News Today: Linux Expansion for Cards Against Humanity to Launch Soon

If something was missing from the Linux world that was an expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity, that’s entirely about Linux. Well, it won’t be missing for much longer, and one such expansion is on its way.

Cards Against Humanity is one of those card games that brings the worst and the best in people. It’s hard to describe it in just a few lines, but it’s all almost like a dirty scramble without the board and with words instead of letters. A question is asked, and people need to answer it with the cards in their hands. They almost never fit, but there is always an answer that is somewhat unsettling or really vulgar. No matter how serious you are before playing, you’re bound to hurt your jaw from laughter.

Now, Linux evangelist and developer Brian Lunduke has made a Linux-only expansion for Cards Against Humanity, and he promises that it’s going to be glorious and open source.

“Shouldn’t something like this also be released as Free and Open Source? These cards may not be software… but considering they’re about Linux… wouldn’t it feel weird if they were “closed”? Yes. Yes, it would. So the cards are being released under the same license as Cards Against Humanity, itself. The Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license,” said Brian.

He’s also launching a new book named Linux Sucks: The Book for the people who supported him on Patreon. He didn’t give a date, but it should only be a few days.

Via Softpedia

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