Linux News Today: Linux Mint 18 to Launch with Cinnamon 3.0, Probably Named Sarah

The Linux Mint developers have just revealed that the 17.3 branch of the operating system will be called Rosa and that it will land sometime in the next few months, but they’ve also said some other interesting stuff regarding the upcoming 18.0 version.

Developers usually think ahead of the next release, and they are usually preparing for the future versions ahead of time. The fact that we hear about some new features or ideas at the proper time is just about timing.

For example, the developers haven’t said anything about the upcoming 18.x version, but the leader of the Linux Mint team, Clement Lefebvre, has made some separate comments that are very interesting and that should prove quite informative.

Linux Mint 18 will be powered by Cinnamon 3.0

The Cinnamon desktop is currently the default one being used with Linux Mint, although the distro can be found in other flavors, like MATE, Xfce, and KDE, not to mention that there is a version out there based on Debian and not Ubuntu.

“The release after 17.3 is version 18 (i.e. we’re starting a new base on 16.04, it’s another LTS). 17.x releases are then supported until 2019 for bug fixes and security fixes, but in terms of new features, after 17.3 we’ll start targeting 18.x. To give you an example Cinnamon 2.8 is planned for Mint 17.3, whereas Cinnamon 3.0 is planned for Mint 18,” writes Clement.

Clem has also explained that KDE 5.x will be available with Linux Mint 18 and that the 17.x branch will stick to the 4.x version. Linux Mint 17.3 will be supported until 2019, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

The developer has also made a comment about the name of the Linux Mint 18 and he has said that it could be named Sarah, but that’s not set in stone.

Via Softpedia

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