Linux News Today: Linux-Powered C.H.I.P. Tiny SBC Will be the World's First $8 Computer

Remember the world’s tiniest computer that goes by the name of C.H.I.P.? Of course you do, it is the world’s cheapest single-board computer (SBC) ever made, available for purchase for only $9 (€8.4).

Well, now that the Black Friday shopping spree has started, the guys over Next Thing Co. have announced today that they will run a promotion campaign, making C.H.I.P. the world’s first $8 (€7.5) computer.

The campaign will start in four days from the moment of writing this article, and we have no idea how long it will last, probably during the entire day of Monday, November 30, 2015, which means approximately 24 hours or until the stock lasts.

The occasion? Well, you can blame the Black Friday shopping season or the awesome Thanksgiving holiday, but the C.H.I.P. developers decided to lower the price of the tiny computer to $8 (€7.5) on Cyber Monday.

“This Cyber Monday, the world’s first $9 computer is $8,” wrote the developers behind the C.H.I.P. project on a special web page created especially for the sale. “Quantities are LIMITED.”

Oh, yeah, we forgot to tell you that the offer is limited in time. The end of the campaign will be announced separately, but it looks like you can reserve your $8 (€7.5) C.H.I.P. computer right now by entering your email address in the link above.

A few words about C.H.I.P.? Launched in May 7, 2015, C.H.I.P. became the world’s tiniest single-board computer (SBC) that runs Linux and it’s powered by a 1Ghz processor and 512MB DDRAM3. Check out the promo video below to see what C.H.I.P. can do for you!

Via Softpedia

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