Linux News Today: Liquid Lemur Linux 2.0 Alpha 3 Adds APEman and LibreOffice Updates, More

Edward Snyder, the lead developer of the Liquid Lemur Linux distribution, has announced the immediate availability for download and testing of the third Alpha build of his upcoming Liquid Lemur Linux 2.0 OS.

According to the release notes, Liquid Lemur Linux 2.0 Alpha 3 is a bugfix release that updates various core components, in-house built tools, and applications that are pre-installed in the distro.

For example, all the Lemur apps and Live session scripts have received updates, the LibreOffice office suite has been updated as well, and while not yet complete, the APEman Control Center, Morpher and Themer tools have gotten some interesting new features.

Additionally, the third Alpha build of Liquid Lemur Linux 2.0 sees improvements to Lemur Conky, which apparently still needs some work. Users are being informed by the Liquid Lemur Linux developers to use the Morpher and Themer tools at their own risk.

“As with the previous release, there is still much work to be done. This release is stable enough for full time use (I use it as my main OS). Please keep in mind that this is still an Alpha release. There will most likely be bugs, issues, etc. Post those in the forums so we can get them fixed,” reads the announcement.

The documentation for the APEman Control Center utility and the user manual have been held back for the Beta release of the GNU/Linux distribution. If you want to test this pre-release version, download Liquid Lemur Linux 2.0 Alpha 3 right now from Softpedia, just please keep in mind that it is not ready for production use.

Via Softpedia

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