Linux News Today: Logic Supply Simplifies the Process of Buying Industrial PCs and Rugged Hardware

Logic Supply, a hardware company known for selling all sorts of embedded and industrial computers powered by Linux kernel-based operating systems, informs us about the general availability of a new tool that lets users find the best industrial computer for their needs.

Dubbed Logic Supply System Finder, the new tool has been designed from the ground-up to allow new Logic Supply customers to find the hardware they need for their businesses. Using the Logic Supply System Finder tool, they will receive a curated selection of industrial computers and rugged hardware specifically tailored to their requirements. The all-new System Finder tool can now be accessed from the official Logic Supply website, being compatible with all the modern web browser and computing platforms.

“We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the buying process for industrial computer users,” said Dave Lovegrove, Logic Supply head of Design and Creative Strategy. “Knowing that many of our customers search for an industrial computer with particular specifications in mind, we identified the need to create a spec-based search tool. The new Logic Supply System Finder Tool allows customers to select a computer by entering their desired system specifications such as 4 PoE ports, an Intel Core processor, and a wide temperature rating.”

A first in the IPC industry

According to Logic Supply, this functionality is a first in the IPC (Industrial PC) industry and it should revolutionize the way people shop for and buy industrial and embedded computers. The brand-new Logic Supply System Finder tool was created with the IPC buyer in mind, allowing customers to choose between company’s rugged, industrial, commercial, panel PC, rackmount, or ultra-rugged mil-spec line of computers, as well as between their fanless or fanned offerings.

When new customers attempt to make a purchase from Logic Supply, they will now be able to filter the company’s industrial and embedded PC offering by operating temperature, size, processor type, cores, and speed, power features, USB, Serial, LAN, or PoE ports, video interface, mounting, system manufacturer, display size, resolution and brightness, as well as contrast ratio. More details can be found on the Logic Supply website and in the press release attached below.

Via Softpedia

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