Linux News Today: Major Telegram Update Arrives for Ubuntu Phones

The Ubuntu Touch platform has quite a few apps, but one of the most important is definitely Telegram, and it has just been updated.

Ubuntu Touch users were asking for an update for this messaging app on their phones, and their wish has finally been granted with the latest Telegram update, which is a really big one.

One of the questions following up this piece of news is probably related to Whatsapp and its availability on the Ubuntu phones, but that is something that no one can say.

Unlike Whatsapp, which does have an accompanying API that can be integrated separately from the main application, Telegram does things a little bit differently.

This allowed a number of Ubuntu Core App developers to build a Telegram app specifically for this system. It’s not an easy task, and it takes quite a while until big changes are made.

Telegram has arrived

“Currently we support messaging to Ubuntu, iOS and Android devices. Telegram for Ubuntu uses the Telegram API and is part of the Telegram ecosystem. We thank the Ubuntu community for contributions and translations without which this app would not be possible. Thank you Pablo Marlasca for an awesome new icon. We would like to thank very much to Bardia Daneshvar from for his invaluable contribution and maintenance of the backing library,” reads the entry on uApp Explorer.

According to the latest changelog, the messaging reliability has been improved, the app has been refreshed, the scope UI has been refined, and multi-account support has been added.

As usual, if you find any bugs or issues with Telegram on Ubuntu Touch, you should submit them on Launchpad so that developers can fix them. As it stands right now, this is the best messaging app on Ubuntu phones, and it provides a number of important features that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you already have Telegram installed you don’t have to do anything extra. Just upgrade the application and you’ll get the new versio

Via Softpedia

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