Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux Netinstall 15.09 (Bellatrix) Offers Support for Linux Kernel 4.3

Philip Müller of the Manjaro Project had the great pleasure of announcing earlier today, September 27, 2015, the release and immediate availability for download of the Netinstall edition of Manjaro Linux 15.09 computer operating system.

After publishing an unexpected fourth Release Candidate for both the Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09 and Manjaro Linux KDE 15.09 editions last week, the Manjaro development team comes today with great news for all users of the Arch Linux-based, rolling release GNU/Linux operating system.

Dubbed Bellatrix, Manjaro Linux 15.09 is powered by the latest long-term supported Linux 4.1 kernel series, and it’s distributed as Xfce, KDE, and Netinstall editions. Of course, these are only the official editions of Manjaro Linux, as the distribution has many other popular community flavors, with the LXDE, Cinnamon, and MATE desktops.

“I’m happy to announce Manjaro 15.09 (Bellatrix),” says Philip Müller. “Since June we are working on this release. The first thing you will notice, this release was not tagged 0.9.0 as we would have normally done. Well, we had a discussion with all developers and decided to go for date tags from now on.”

Here’s what’s new in the Netinstall edition of Manjaro Linux 15.09

Prominent features of Manjaro Linux Netinstall 15.09 include better hardware support, the implementation of the Calamares graphical installer alongside the Thus and CLI installers, the addition of an improved graphical user interface for Manjaro Settings Manager, support for the latest Linux 4.3 kernel series, the Pamac 2.4.1 graphical package manager, two launcher choices for the Steam for Linux client, and extensive support for the OpenRC init system.

The Manjaro Linux Netinstall 15.09 edition is designed from the ground up to provide users with a base installation of Manjaro Linux 15.09 (Bellatrix), allowing them to install the desktop environment of their choice, as well as any desktop apps they want to use. It can also be used to create your own custom Manjaro Linux edition. Download Manjaro Linux 15.09 Netinstall right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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