Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux Project Releases KDE Plasma 5.5 Live Media, Download Now

The Manjaro development team, through Philip Müller, had the pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the first development release of Manjaro Linux 15.12 “Capella” KDE Plasma 5.5 Live OS.

As you might know, the KDE developers announced the release of the latest stable and most advanced KDE Plasma 5.5 desktop environment earlier this week, and the Arch Linux operating system, on which Manjaro Linux is based, was among the first to update their KDE Plasma packages from version 5.4 to 5.5 shortly after their release.

Therefore, the Manjaro devs have now put together the first Live ISO image that contains the latest KDE Plasma 5.5 packages, including KDE Frameworks 5.16.0 and KDE Applications 15.08.3, along with all the software updates and security patches released on the upstream Arch Linux repositories as of December 11, 2015.

“I’m happy to announce our Plasma 5.5 development build of Manjaro 15.12 (Capella),” said Philip Müller on behalf of the Manjaro Development Team. “We managed to adopt the new C++11 ABI Switch. Therefor a large amount of our packages got rebuilt. If you still find some issues in this regard, please don’t hesitate to inform us about it.”

Powered by Linux kernel 4.3.2

This first development release of the Manjaro Linux 15.12 KDE Plasma 5.5 operating system is now powered by Linux kernel 4.3.2, but, just like all the other Manjaro flavors from the Capella series, it support the Linux 3.10.94 LTS, 3.12.51 LTS,, 3.14.58 LTS,, 3.18.24 LTS,, 4.1.14 LTS, 4.2.7, and 4.4 RC4 kernels.

The Calamares graphical installer and Manjaro-Tools package have been updated as well in this release. You can download Manjaro Liux KDE Plasma 5.5 Live ISO image for 64-bit and 32-bit computers right now from Softpedia, but please try to keep in mind that this is still a development release, which shouldn’t be deployed on production systems.

Via Softpedia

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