Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09 Release Candidate 4 Is Now Available for Download

Immediately after announcing the release of the fourth RC (Release Candidate) build of the Manjaro Linux KDE 15.09 operating system, Philip Müller informed all Manjaro users about the immediate availability for download of Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09 RC4.

According to the announcement, which was posted on the last hours of September 20, 2015, the fourth Release Candidate version of Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09 is powered by the latest LTS (Long-Term Support) release of the Linux kernel, version 4.1, and built around the lightweight Xfce 4.12 open-source desktop environment.

Additionally, the Calamares installer has been added as an alternative to the existing Thus graphical installer and the built-in command-line installer. The Menda theme got a major update, based on the gorgeous Vertex theme created by horst3180, customized with the Breeze-based cursor theme and the Numix-based icons.

“We decided to do another release candidate for Manjaro 15.09,” says Philip Müller. “With this release we have focused our efforts, bringing more attention to the common core requirements of Manjaro’s broad user-base. […] We mainly focused on polishing the user experience on the desktop and window manager, and on updating some components to take advantage of newly available technologies.”

There’s now support for the Linux 4.3 kernel branch

Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09 Release Candidate 4 updates numerous in-house built tools, including the Manjaro Settings Manager utility, which received support for the Linux 4.3 kernel branch, updates the Pamac graphical package manager to version 2.4.1, and implements two launcher choices for the Steam for Linux client.

If you want to test this pre-release version of Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09, you can download the RC4 build right now from Softpedia, where it is distributed as Live DVD ISO images for both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware architectures. Please try to keep in mind that this version is not a final product and it’s not ready for production use.

Via Softpedia

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