Linux News Today: Manjaro Mate Edition 15.12 Arrives with Linux Kernel 4.1.15 LTS

The Manjaro community has just released the Manjaro Mate Edition 15.12, which is now ready for download and testing.

Following the release of the Cinnamon flavor, the new Manjaro MATE Edition 15.12 has also arrived, and it’s here with all the trimmings that users would expect from the MATE desktop.

Along with Cinnamon, MATE is one of the most famous desktop environments out there that become more popular after the release of Linux Mint MATE and Ubuntu MATE. The Manjaro community couldn’t ignore this flavor, and we now get to run and test a new version.

This latest release of Manjaro is a community project and it’s just one of the many that are being maintained and developed right now. In fact, if it’s a window manager or a desktop environment that’s still being developed and maintained right now, odds are that there is a dedicated Manjaro flavor with it.

Manjaro Mate Edition 15.12 is here

The MATE-based Manjaro 15.12 has been in the works for a while, but only now the developers have managed to finish the work and test it. Don’t’ be surprised if some problems still persist, although nothing serious should be present.

“Further a month of developing manjaro worked hard on calamares and there manjaro-tools to have your enjoyment on a fresh & stable iso. We used the GTK2 version for this iso to rely on a stable mate desktop. Further the iso is improved with a own manjaro-mate-desktop-settings file to make the desktop stable in work out from the start,” the team explained.

According to the changelog, GTK 3.18 support has been added, the Touchpad support has been improved, multi-monitor support is now much better, the power applet now displays model and vendor information, and multiple other changes have been made.

The default Linux kernel integrated is 4.1.15, which is an LTS version, and pretty much all of the major packages have been upgraded. You can download Manjaro Mate Edition 15.12 from Softpedia and give it a try.

Via Softpedia

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