Linux News Today: Massive Unity 8 Convergence Goodness Now Available for All Ubuntu Phone Users

We already reported last week on the upcoming Unity 8 convergence features that will land for all Ubuntu Phone users as part of the Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 software update on November 18, 2015.

On October 26, 2015, Canonical’s Kevin Gunn, Director of Engineering at Canonical, writes on the Ubuntu Touch devel mailing list, in a reply to Mr. Łukasz Zemczak’s report from October 23, that all those awesome Unity 8 convergence goodies that we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks have been officially released into the images of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system.

“For those that might have been following our convergence story, what it does mean is that every bit of goodness we’d been demonstrating out of the prototype/demo code ‘silo 0’ has now been officially reviewed, tested, and now released into the phone image,” says Kevin Gunn. “It took us a bit longer than expected, however the benefit of time provided high-quality landing, no regression and well tested features.”

The same information has been confirmed by Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak on his daily report from October 26, where he states that the Unity 8 convergence features have finally landed and are on their way to the rc-proposed channel right now, available later today in the nightly images for all Ubuntu Phone users who can wait no more and want to take them for a test drive to taste the Ubuntu convergence awesomeness.

Camera app and Media-Hub have received updates

In addition to the massive Unity 8 convergence features, Mr. Zemczak reports that the Ubuntu Touch developers have managed to migrate the Camera app to the new UITK (UI Toolkit) 1.3, as well as to update the Media-Hub with batch addTracks() support. All these and much more will land in the upcoming Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 software update next month, for all Ubuntu Phone users.

On the other hand, Ubuntu Touch developers are being informed that the String and Feature Freeze for OTA-8 is today, October 27, which means that they should hurry up and land all those nice things prepared for Ubuntu Phones, otherwise they will have to wait for the next update, the OTA-9, which should arrive sometime at the end of the year.

Via Softpedia

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