Linux News Today: Meet Solu, a Gorgeous and Revolutionary Mini PC Powered by Linux – Video

A group of Finnish developers think that Solu, a revolutionary, beautiful, and minimalist computer, will change the way you think about computing.

Powered by SoluOS, a Linux kernel-based operating system (confirmed by the Solu Machines – see tweet at the end of the article) designed around social networking and collaboration, the Solu computer has a minimal design made of wood, it fits in the palm of your hand, and can be easily connected to any LCD monitor where a keyboard is attached. However, because it stores all of its data in the cloud, you can use it on the go, independent of a monitor and keyboard.

“It is the first new desktop paradigm for 30 years, and is made in Finland,” said the developers on the project’s Kickstarter page. “Solu is an exceptionally beautiful and innovative cloud-linked computer. You will never again need to worry about your hard drive, backing up files, or installing software – Solu does it all for you. Yet, Solu also works offline.”

Solu’s technical specifications

Solu may be small, but it’s quite powerful as it boasts an NVIDIA 4-Plus-1 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU running at 2.3Ghz, an NVIDIA Kepler GPU with 192 NVIDIA CUDA cores, 4GB LPDDR3 RAM, 32GB cache capacity, 1440×1440 with 450ppi display, a USB Type C port, an 1200mAh battery, as well as Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) connectivity.

Best of all, it can be connected to an up to 4K monitor. At the moment of writing this article, Solu has raised approximately €145,000 ($165,000) of its initial €200,000 ($230,000) goal, which is very promising considering the fact that there are 26 days left before the Kickstarter campaign ends. The device costs €349 ($400) and includes a 3-month subscription. Estimated delivery is on May 2016. Check the video below for more details!

Linux-based OS

Linux-based OS

Via Softpedia

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