Linux News Today: Meld 3.16 Open Source Diff and Merge Tool Enters Development, Adds New Features

The development team behind the popular Meld open-source and free diff and merge software have released earlier today, December 14, 2015, the first development milestone towards the next major release of the project, Meld 3.16.

Believe it or not, Meld is one of those GNOME apps that simply refuse to be on par with the latest version of the acclaimed desktop environment for GNU/Linux operating systems, as the latest stable build of the software is still in the 3.14 series, yet fully compatible with GNOME 3.18.

Today we’ve discovered that the Meld 3.16 branch is now in development, as the first milestone, version 3.15.1, has been published on the official GNOME FTP servers, bringing several interesting new features, updated translations and documentation, as well as fixes for various annoying bugs.

Among the new features implemented in Meld 3.15.1, we can mention support for dimming the text that is being ignored by filters, giving users some visual feedback, the ability to apply text filters independently, a change that promises to improve the software’s consistency, the addition of more details in the tooltips of recent menu items, and support for the GTK+ theme changes on dialog action’s layout.

Numerous bugs have been fixed

The first development milestone of Meld 3.16 also fixes bugs discovered since the previous release of the software. Among some of the most interesting ones, we can mention some issues with GTK+ assertions that occurred when closing the application’s window, PEP8 fixes, syncpoints cleanups, as well as an encoding issue with Unicode user folders on the Microsoft Windows platform.

Moreover, a drawing corruption that occurred when attempting to scroll horizontally has been fixed, various encoding problems that appeared when the user attempted to save files were resolved, the recent commit messages store is no longer corrupted by percent-containing commit messages, and some issues with the default filter were repaired.

Meld 3.15.1 also adds manual appdate kudos markers, addresses an issue with the off-by-one drawing functionality, updates the introspection feature with support for silencing startup warnings, makes the conflict resolution prompt to resolve correctly again, and adds better support for clicking on the diffmap, which no longer scrolls to the wrong location.

Last but not least, the Spanish, Czech, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal) and Brazilian Portuguese language translations have been updated. You can download the Meld 3.15.1 sources right now from Softpedia and start compiling by hand if you want to take the software for a test drive, just please try to keep in mind that it’s an early development build and some features are incomplete.

Via Softpedia

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