Linux News Today: Mesa 11.0.0 Officially Released with Intel i965, Nouveau, and Radeon Improvements

After three RC (Release Candidate) builds, the final release of Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.0 is here, as announced earlier today, September 12, 2015, by Emil Velikov on the Mesa Announce mailing list.

The changelog for Mesa 11.0.0 is overwhelming, as there are a great number of changes for anything you can think of, starting with some fixes for non-Linux builds, such as Windows, Solaris, Haiku, Darwin, and even Android, various POSIX make compliance issues were fixed as well, along with wire protocol fixes for GLX and big-endian fixes for Radeon R200.

We’re continuing with multiple improvements for Radeon R300, R600, and RadeonSI, such as support for the AMDGPU module implemented in Linux kernel 4.2,  support for new GL extensions, support for OpenGL 4.1 on certain chipsets, support for OpenCL/compute image, video decoder (UVD) and encoder (VCE) enhancements, as well as HEVC support and R600/SB tweaks.

For the EGL API there’s EGL 1.5 support, but only with some drivers, a new EGL platform called surfaceless has been introduced, some compliance checks have been applied, the EGL_KHR_gl_texture_3D_image extension was introduced, and the loader is now trusted by the DRI module name. Moreover, there’s plentiful of code movement and refactoring for ILO.

VDPAU gained HEVC support, various bugfixes and crashes have been fixed in Viewperf 12 for WGL, getopt has been replaced with argparse as the main function in Python for MAPI/GLAPI, OpenGLES 3.0 is now supported on both Adreno 3xx and 4xx, VC4 received more perf optimizations, and Windows-like card names are a thing again in Nine, which gained support for new formats.

Nouveau and Intel i915 received the most attention

For the Intel i915 driver, Mesa 11.0.0 brings the GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store extension, dozens of bugfixes, lots of under-the-hood improvements, NIR backend enhancements, many code cleanups, and offline compiler improvements. Mesa 11.0.0 also paved the way for new extensions support, which will be added in upcoming maintenance releases.

Nouveau is also a star of this new major release of Mesa 3D Graphics Library, as it gained support for multiple GL extensions, as well as support for OpenGL 4.1 on selected Nvidia chipsets, improvements for Galmor and NV30 MSAA, countless bugfixes on all areas, along with support for custom VRAM domains.

Last but not least, Clover (OpenCL) gained image support and drop support for non-rendernode devices. Mesa 11.0.0 also adds support for several extensions (see the complete list in the changelog attached below), better support for OpenGLES 3.1, many big-endian bugfixes, and compute shaders improvements. Download Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.0 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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