Linux News Today: Mesa 11.0.3 Fixes the KDE/Weston Regression, Includes a Healthy Amount of Bugfixes

A few minutes ago, Emil Velikov had the great pleasure of informing us of the release and immediate availability for download of the third maintenance version of the open-source Mesa 11.0 3D Graphics Library.

According to the internal release notes, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, Mesa 11.0.3 is a major bugfix release that resolves the KDE and Weston regressions that have been introduced in the previous release of the software, Mesa 11.0.2.

Additionally, Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.3 has a great number of patches for EGL, the Khronos native platform graphics interface, and includes numerous bugfixes, especially for the Intel i830, Intel i915, Intel i965, RadeonSI, and Nouveau graphics drivers, as well as various under-the-hood improvements.

“Mesa 11.0.3 is now available. In the current release we have a bunch of EGL patches, mangledGL build fixes and a healthy amount of driver bugfixes – RadeonSI, Nouveau, Intel i915 and i965,” says Emil Velikov, software release engineer for Collabora. “Last but not least, the KDE/Weston regression introduced with 11.0.2 has also been resolved.”

What else is new in Mesa 11.0.3

Among some other improvements implemented in the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.3 release, we can mention better support for generation of mipmaps for compressed and immutable textures, fixes for a regression with the front buffer, improvements for the –enable-mangling option, better support for the GL_BGRA_EXT extension in ES3 format_and_type checks, and support for handling array textures in scaled MSAA blits.

As expected, the Mesa 11.0.3 release is a free update for all users, who can either download the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.3 sources right now from Softpedia or via the official website of the project, or wait for their GNU/Linux distribution’s maintainers to update the Mesa 11.x packages to the 11.0.3 release and push them to the default software repositories of the operating system.

Via Softpedia

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