Linux News Today: Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.4 Out Now with Many Bugfixes

Once again, Collabora’s Emil Velikov has had the great pleasure of announcing a new maintenance release of the stable 11.0 branch of the Mesa 3D Graphics Library software for GNU/Linux operating systems.

According to the internal release notes, attached at the end of the article for reference, Mesa 11.0.4 is mostly a bugfix release that resolves many of the issues reported by users since the previous maintenance build of the software, Mesa 11.0.3.

“Mesa 11.0.4 is now available. With this release we have a wide selection of core mesa, glsl and driver fixes, a few build related patches and an omx bugfix,” said Emil Velikov, software release engineer for Collabora.

Among the most important changes implemented in Mesa 11.0.4, we can mention usage of the C++11 standard std::unordered_map for NV50, removal of DRI2 miptree from Intel i965, and support for calculating if shader image units are valid or not.

A wrong opcode in the save_BlendFunci() function has been fixed, the incorrect switch statement in the init_mat_currval() function is now patched, and the src_reg type is now filled through the constructor type parameter.

Moreover, sse_minmax.c has the correct path, header of ffs prototype is now included, binding is used in ff_fragment_shader to set the sampler unit, and built-in function can be used as constant expressions in OpenGL ES 1.00.

GLSL and Intel i965 have received many improvements

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Mesa 11.0.4 brings many improvements to Intel i965, such as the ability to check writemask and support for using the _mesa_is_image_unit_valid() function instead of gl_image_unit::_Valid.

Irrelevant texture completeness checking is now automatically skipped while validating images, texture-dependent image unit derived state has been removed, and pipe_surface_reference has been replaced with pipe_surface_release.

There are several GLSL fixes, among which we can mention support for using constant_initializer to initialize uniforms and determine if an unused uniform can be stored or not, and the addition of a method to detect if an expression includes the sequence operator.

Last but not least, the ir_variable::constant_value class is set only for const-decorated variables, and global variables’ initializers are now restricted in GLSL. Download Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.4 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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