Linux News Today: Microsoft and Linux Foundation Partnership Promises Great Things for SysAdmins

Following Microsoft’s announcement of the general availability of new certification for Linux on Azure, published on the company’s website on December 9, 2015, the Linux Foundation non-profit organization now brags with the partnership between them and the Redmond-based software giant.

According to Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at Linux Foundation, the partnership between Microsoft and Linux Foundation already proved to be successful, especially now that the Microsoft started to open source several of its proprietary software, including, but not limited to, .NET Framework, Chakra JavaScript engine for Internet Explorer, and Visual Studio Code.

“The Linux Foundation and Microsoft also share a commitment to SysAdmins who are running the world’s most critical, complex IT systems. Today’s SysAdmin requires knowledge of both Windows and Linux. Professionals and their employers who invest in training and certification that demonstrate this hybrid knowledge will benefit,” said Jim Zemlin.

In the last year, Microsoft also managed to create its own Linux kernel-based operating system, which the tech giant uses for its Azure Cloud Switch (ACS) cross-platform modular OS designed specifically for data centers, as well as to continue the fruitful collaboration with big Linux names, including Red Hat and SUSE.

However, both companies share a commitment to SysAdmins, who now have access to Microsoft’s new Linux on Azure certification, which requires candidates to pass Linux Foundation’s Certified SysAdmin exam. More details can be found on the Linux Foundation website, as well as on the press release attached at the end of the article.

Via Softpedia

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