Linux News Today: Minimal Linux Live Is Now Based on Linux Kernel 4.1.6 LTS and BusyBox 1.23.2

Developer Ivan Davidov, creator of the Minimal Linux Live shell scripts that lets users create minimal live BusyBox- and Linux kernel-based operating systems, announced on September 14, 2015, the availability of an update version of his project.

According to the attached changelog, the September 14 release of the Minimal Linux Live project is now based on the Linux kernel 4.1.6 LTS packages and the BusyBox 1.23.2 software. The overall build time has been significantly reduced by parallelizing the entire build process between all available CPU cores.

Users can now generate ISO images using the genisoimage tool, which means that the build process will work much better on Arch Linux and Debian GNU/Linux operating systems. Moreover, there’s now DHCP network support for all detected network devices. Users are being informed that DNS is currently not working.

Last but not least, there’s now an experimental directory injected in the latest stable build of the Minimal Linux Live script, which includes a collection of useful utilities for building ISO images based on the Linux kernel and ToyBox, instead of Linux kenrel and BusyBox.

Build your own Live Linux distros with Minimal Linux Live

Those of you who want to explore the world of building live Linux distros using the shell scripts included in the Minimal Linux Live project, should check out the detailed instructions provided by its developers on the software’s website. A demo can be found at

Download Minimal Linux Live 14-Sep-2015 right now from either the project’s website or via Softpedia, whichever suits you best. The project is distributed for free as Live CD ISO images for both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x86_64) hardware architectures, as well as a source package that contains all the shell script, which you can tweak and modify to suit your needs.

Via Softpedia

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