Linux News Today: MPV 0.12.0 Video Player Changes the Default Format for youtube-dl, Supports Wayland

The developers of the open source, MPlayer-based MPV video player software have announced the release and immediate availability for download of version 0.12.0.

According to the attached changelog, MPV 0.12.0 is yet another major release of the acclaimed media player app, which has gained a lot of popularity in the last few months, and it will become even more famous thanks to its integration into the upcoming Plex Media Player software.

Prominent features of MPV 0.12.0 include support for the next-generation Wayland display server in VAAPI (Video Acceleration API), support for the new VAAPI EGL interop, which requires the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.x branch, re-implements the X11 video output, and adds support for a wide range of GBRP formats.

VDA support has been removed with VideoToolbox, the X Window System (X11) EGL backend is now enabled by default, but disabled for Nvidia users because of some bugs with the proprietary video driver, the user-set format will no longer be overridden when the no-video mode is used for youtube-dl, and the behavior on mismatching subtitle and video aspect ration has been adjusted.

“This release changes the default format for youtube-dl and removes some workarounds related to MPEG DASH support. However, the required changes to FFmpeg code are not in any FFmpeg release yet (as of 2015-10-29), so for now, playing DASH streams requires using FFmpeg git master. You can work around this by using the –ytdl-format=best option,” reads the announcement.

New commands and options have been added, existing ones updated

In addition to the changes mentioned above, MPV 0.12.0 adds various new commands and options, among which we can mention support for client certificate authentication, a key name for U+3000 IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE, audio duplicate and drop mode to video-sync, as well as an option for ao_null fallback.

As expected, numerous issues reported by users since the previous release of the software, MPV 0.11.0, have been fixed, and some minor enhancements have been added. Download MPV 0.12.0 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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