Linux News Today: Mycroft AI Will Help Us Talk with Our Linux Computers

It might sound weird to hear yourself talk with your computer, but that’s exactly where we’re going, and Mycroft is going to help us get there.

Let’s face it, talking to your device, whether it’s a phone or a PC, is still not an easy or comfortable thing to do. Just like it happened with the Bluetooth headset, it will take a while until this becomes something normal to do.

If we take a look at Star Trek, for instance, we’ll see that everyone is talking with their computers, and it doesn’t seem weird at all. Writers figured this out a long time ago, but the society is still trying to catch up.

Even the already integrated products like Siri or Google Now are not making a big splash. One of the reasons is that they are being used in a wrong way.

Mycroft wants to do things differently

Mycroft is a new device that has been presented initially as a home automation unit, controlled by a powerful AI. That particular AI is being developed as open source, and it will also land on Linux systems. The hope of its makers is that people will adopt it and that users will start talking with their PCs.

“Here at Mycroft we are developing an open source AI that will allow anyone with an idea to develop a skill and deploy it globally. Want to make it easy for end users to get the score of the latest FIFA football game? Use our standard template to develop the skill, upload it to our repository and soon every Mycroft user on earth will be able to follow the latest from any FIFA game,” said Joshua Montgomery, one of the developers in the Mycroft project.

The main reason Mycroft is different from all the rest is the fact that it’s open source and anyone who wants to adapt it or improve it will be free to do so. This is still a young project, but the possibilities are tremendous, and we hope that we’ll be able to start testing it soon.

Via Softpedia

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