Linux News Today: Mysterious Steam Link Hardware Exposed by Community

Valve didn’t want to share the details about the hardware and software solutions used in the Steam Link, but it looks like the community has been quick to dismantle and share with everyone all there is to know about it.

The only detail we know about the software side of Steam Link is that it uses a Linux kernel-based operating system, but that’s pretty much it. Everything else about the Link has been kept under wraps, until now. Valve is still not saying anything about it, but once the Steam Link arrived in the community’s hands, people took it apart to see what it is made of.

Before getting to the hardware details, we should also talk about the device itself. Many users are still confused about its purpose, but they shouldn’t be. Its basic function is to simply replace a long HDMI cable between the TV and the computer. Just connect it to the TV and the local network and you’ll be able to play your PC games on the TV. The bonus is that you can also play any games in the network from any connected Steam.

Steam Link has been gutted

Taking things apart is one of the favorite pastimes of any community, so it was only a matter of time until we found out what is in one of these cool boxes. A Reddit user, mcd1992, took a few pictures of the opened Steam Link, and another user, kwahoo2, listed all the components.

The device is powered by a Marvell DE3005-A1 CPU (ARM), which is the same one used in the first generation for Google Chromecast. The Vivante GC1000 GPU is used for graphics, and an open source driver is actually available for it (a somewhat rare occurrence). The online functionality is provided by the Marvell’s Avastar 88W8897 solution. Also, the Steam Link comes with a 512MB of RAM (Micron MT41K256M16LY-107) and 4GB of flash memory (Micron Flash MT29F32G08CBAC.)

It doesn’t seem like much, it will get the job done at 1080p if you’re using the wired LAN. In any case, you can buy one of these beauties right now from the official Steam website.

Via Softpedia

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