Linux News Today: NethServer Linux Receives New Multi-Wan Implementation, Antispam Improvements

Alessio Fattorini, leader of the NethServer GNU/Linux operating system, informed us about the latest new features that landed during the month of November 2015.

As you might know, the latest stable release of the project is NethServer 6.7, based on the CentOS 6.7 operating system. And today we can report that among the newly added features, we’ve spot a new multi-wan implementation, improvements to the antispam functionality, a web interface for policy routing, as well as a proxy and content filter.

“We’re already at the end of November and the last months have been very busy since we have shipped NethServer 6.7 but a lot of new stuff are released over the following days and in this period we have closed 36 issues. So it is time to go and catch up to our development report,” said Alessio Fattorini.

Taking a closer look at the new features, we can notice that there’s now a new configuration for the multi-wan monitoring, including a brand-new interface, which no longer requires users to add one IP address for each connection. Moreover, the there’s a new interface module that helps NethSever users manage policy routing rules.

Thanks to the new interface module, users will be able to create and edit rules, re-order the rule list, select the source and destination using object pickers, which can also be used to choose services. Moreover, NethServer users can now route specific network traffic using a certain provider.

Antispam improvements, proxy and content filter, more

The antispam module received a lot of attention lately, and among the latest changes added we can mention the increase of the amavisd log_level to 2, as well as the implementation of DNSBL (DNS-based Blackhole List) to fight spam. In the proxy and content filter, there’s now the ability to exclude an entire subnet and IP ranges.

Last but not least, there were many performance improvements added to NethServer, such as optimizations to ntopng, Active Directory support in WebTop, a remote filed for the OpenVPN interface, and numerous fixes for many of NethServer’s core components. ownCloud has been updated as well to version 7.0.11.

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