Linux News Today: New Calibre Release Has Fix for Amazon Metadata Download

The Calibre application, a complete solution to edit, view, and convert eBook files, has been upgraded once more, and it comes with a new and important tool for editors, named “Smart Comment,” and a fix for Amazon metadata.

Calibre is mostly known for being a tool used to manage large eBook libraries or to convert from one format to another, but Calibre is capable of doing much, much more than just that.

One of the newer functions that have been added to the OS is the ability to edit eBooks, and this is something that not many apps can do on the Linux platform.

It’s also worth pointing out that Calibre is a very complex app, and that is the main reason we see updates for it almost on a daily basis. There are a lot of users, and the developer gets a ton feedback from the community, which is eventually turned into fixes and new features.

Calibre 2.43 is now available for download

“Add a ‘Smart Comment’ tool to easily comment/uncomment text. Press Ctrl+` to trigger the tool, or add the tool to your toolbar via Preferences->Toolbar->Tools for all editors. It will either insert comments around the selected text or uncomment an existing comment if the cursor is inside one,” reads the announcement.

According to the changelog, new rule types have been added to upper-case, lower-case or capitalize tags, the ‘extra’ convenience extension is now allowed as a shortcut for enabling multiple other extensions, the Attribute List and Admonition extensions have been added, the Amazon metadata download has been repaired, and cycles in the replacement rules are no longer causing the tag mapper to hang.

The source package is also available if you want it, and you can download it from Softpedia. We put together a review of Calibre as well, and we hope that you will be able to appreciate this application even more after you’ve read it.

Via Softpedia

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