Linux News Today: New Steam Client Stable Update Adds Big Picture Improvements to SteamOS and OSX

November 10 was a huge day for Valve and Steam, as the highly anticipated Steam Controller, Steam Link, and Steam Machines hardware devices were officially made available for purchase via the Steam Store.

On this occasion, Valve also published a new stable update to its Steam Client for all supported operating systems, including SteamOS/Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X, bringing various improvements to the Big Picture mode, In-Home streaming, and Steam Controller support, along with a massive game sale.

For the Big Picture mode, the November 10 stable Steam Client update implements a store setting that lets users view featured games from all supported platforms when using the software on either the SteamOS or Mac OS X operating systems, and it also addresses an issue that might prevent users from adding items to the shopping cart.

On the other hand, the In-Home Streaming feature received enhancements to stability and reliability, which means that it will now consume less resources on many hardware configurations, as well as to streaming gamepad compatibility for various games, including with The Beginner’s Guide.

In order for the mouse cursor to no longer get lost off-screen when using the In-Home Streaming feature, the new Steam Client stable update adds mouse cursor constraints on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Steam Controller fixes

In addition to the Big Picture and In-Home Streaming improvements mentioned above, the new Steam Client stable update improves support for Valve’s awesome Steam Controller device by fixing the detection of the controllers in the Settings panel while streaming games using the Steam Link device.

Moreover, it is now possible to apply firmware updates to Steam Controllers while using the In-Home Streaming feature, some specific developer-approved configurations are now being displayed properly in the Steam Client, mode-shifted analog sticks will no longer lose input, and a legacy bindings issue was fixed.

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