Linux News Today: New Steam for Linux Update Brings OS Filtering in Big Picture

Valve has updated the Steam Beta client, and they’ve made some important changes to the application, which should land in the stable version pretty soon.

Each Steam development cycle usually encompasses several Beta releases, and it looks like the same will happen with the current iteration. A large number of minor fixes usually land from one release to another. In this way, it looks like nothing major has changed, but when you put all of them together, they usually sum up to something much bigger.

The Steam for Linux client is almost up to par with the other platforms. It’s almost identical, but there are still a few features missing from the Linux edition. For example, you can open a new window from the Steam client with the help of the middle click button. It’s a very useful feature in Windows when you are browsing long lists in the store.

New Steam for Linux Beta is out

The Steam for Linux client is updated with all the other platforms and most of the stuff that you usually find in a changelog applies to this platform as well unless specified otherwise.

According to the changelog, web videos are no longer failing to go fullscreen when requested, the UI responsiveness when adding a firewall rule for a game you are installing has been improved, the ability to filter to the platform you are on in the main Library page has been added for Big Picture, a crash on exit, if you quit from the Library game page in Big Picture, has been fixed, and the playback when using the seek bar in Music has been fixed.

This is just one of the Steam Beta updates that will land until the Stable version is ready. If you want to test it, just sign into the Beta program, in Preferences.

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