Linux News Today: NixOS 15.09 Unique Distribution Released with Linux Kernel 3.18 and GCC 4.9

The developers of the unique and independently developed NixOS GNU/Linux operating system announced a few minutes ago, on September 30, the immediate availability for download of NixOS 15.09.

The September release of NixOS arrives on the last day of the month with dozens of new features, many under-the-hood changes, countless bug fixes, updated software, as well as performance and stability improvements. First of all, the Haskell packages infrastructure has been completely redesigned, offering users the latest software versions available on the market.

There are over 8,000 Haskell packages available for NixOS. The Nix package manager reaches version 1.10 with improved security by supporting cryptographic signatures on binary caches, and it is now possible to keep your NixOS installation up to date automatically. Being powered by Linux kernel 3.18 LTS, NixOS 15.09 comes with updated core components, including Glibc 2.21 and GCC 4.9.

“The Haskell packages infrastructure has been re-designed from the ground up. NixOS now distributes the latest version of every single package registered on Hackage, i.e. well over 8000 Haskell packages,” reads the announcement. “Users migrating from an earlier release will also find helpful information below, in the list of backwards-incompatible changes.”

There are numerous other improvements in NixOS 15.09

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the NixOS 15.09 release comes with numerous other noteworthy improvements, such as the unification of the nixpkgs and nixos channels, TeX Live 2015, the ability to replace the /etc/ssh/moduli file generated by OpenSSH with one that they generated themselves, and many more.

Existing NixOS users are being informed that they need to take a look at the NixOS 15.09’s release notes for details about the things that have been renamed, disabled, or replaced in this version. In the meantime, you can download the NixOS 15.09 operating system right now from Softpedia, where it is distributed as a Live DVD ISO image with the KDE4 desktop environment.

Via Softpedia

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