Linux News Today: No, Microsoft Is Not Buying Canonical

We reported last month that Microsoft revealed their first-ever Linux kernel-based operating system, Azure Cloud Switch, for developing software products for network devices, as well as the decision to choose Ubuntu for their first Linux-based Azure HDInsight offering.

In the announcement of the general availability of Azure HDInsight, an Apache Hadoop-based hosted service powered by Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux operating system and the Hortonworks Data Platform, we’ve mentioned the fact that Canonical reveals that they are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft.

Of course, the collaboration was about the commitment of the two companies to meet the needs of their customers in a world where the industry moves at high speeds to adopt analytics for performance and scale, as well as the latest trends in cloud computing.

Apparently, some website started rumors based on Canonical’s Hortonworks and Microsoft Azure HDInsight announcement, that, quoting, “Sources Claim Microsoft Is Buying Canonical-Ubuntu,” and asking its readers if there was logic behind those rumors. But who started the rumors in the first place is the actual question.

“Remember, none of this is confirmed, just rumblings from sources inside the Linux community. We’ll see what happens over the coming months and see if this story has any meat to it or if it’s just another rumor to toss in the garbage. What do you think? Could Microsoft be making a move for Canonical-Ubuntu? Would Mark Shuttleworth even consider such a thing?” reads the article.

Canonical and Microsoft responded to the rumors

Well, after some hard critiques from Ubuntu users around the globe, the respective website had to contact both Microsoft and Canonical and ask them how they responded to the rumors that Microsoft was in talks to buy Canonical, the company behind the world’s most popular free operating system.

The response came very quickly from both companies, who denied the rumors. While Microsoft’s response was “Microsoft declines to comment as they do not comment on rumors or speculation,” Canonical’s CEO Jane Silber responded with “Your sources are wrong; there are no such discussions.”

Via Softpedia

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