Linux News Today: Nvidia Driver Now Supports Xorg 1.18, It's Getting Difficult to Track Them All

Nvidia has published a new Linux driver that brings a few fixes and support for X.Org xserver ABI 20 (xorg-server 1.18). It’s not a major update, but it has been pushed already to a few repositories.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to track all the Nvidia drivers that are being released. We used to complain that Nvidia was not pushing enough updates for its drivers or that AMD didn’t publish proper changelogs. Well, AMD’s behavior hasn’t changed, but Nvidia is now releasing a ton of Nvidia drivers, in various branches.

If we take a look at the Windows platform, we see that they have a Beta branch, with all the big stuff, a stable or WHQL version, and a Game Ready that’s basically a minor update for a particular game. It’s simple and easy to track.

On Linux, there are several branches, short-lived, long-lived, legacy, Beta, and from time to time, a version that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. Sometimes they publish them in the official forums, but not always. For example, the current version is not present on the forums, but on the official website only.

Nvidia 352.63 driver for Linux is out

This is more of a maintenance release since the biggest improvement seems to be the support for Xorg-server 1.18, along with the support for a number of new GPUs, including GeForce 945M, Quadro M5000M, Quadro M4000M, Quadro M3000M, Quadro M2000M, Quadro M1000M, Quadro M600M, and NVS 810. A few small bugs and problems have been corrected as well.

You can download Nvidia 352.63 Linux Beta driver from Softpedia for Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD. Please keep in mind that if you manually install the Nvidia driver, you might have to do it all again when the Linux kernel gets updated, provided that you will even be able to start the system.

Via Softpedia

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