Linux News Today: OpenMandriva Launches Gaming Portal to Help Users Install Windows Games

OpenMandriva’s Kate Lebedeff had the great pleasure of announcing a new portal for Linux gamers who install the OpenMandriva Lx GNU/Linux operating system and want an easy way of playing their favorite Windows games.

The portal is called OpenMandriva Games, and it is available online at for English users and for Brazilian Portuguese speaking users. At a first glance, the so-called portal appears to be a collection of tutorials that teach new OpenMandriva Lx users how to install various games.

However, the OpenMandriva developers said that they are not only writing detailed installation instructions for certain popular Windows games, but also trying to fix well-known issues reported by users who attempted to install the respective games in OpenMandriva without success. So, they need feedback from the community to tell them which titles they want to see in their portal.

“For a while we were working on a surprise for you, and here it comes: OpenMandriva launches gaming page!! Your favorite games on OpenMandriva? Now – quick and easy to setup and execute,” says Kate Lebedeff. “Our talented and very much playing members created a portal to help you to install and execute most popular Windows Games and Games Platforms – now – in your OpenMandriva Lx!”

Support for more games is coming soon

Looking at the titles available at the moment of writing this article, we can notice some of the most popular ones, including Dota 2, Left 4 Dead 2, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Heroes of Newerth, Minetest, Alien Swarm, Gear UP, and Hearthstone. Clicking an item, you will be presented with in-depth installation instructions.

The OpenMandriva team behind the OpenMandriva Games portal promises to add support for more leading names, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, World of Warcraft, Sword Coast Legends, and Heroes of the Storm. Some games will be available for Steam on Linux and others for the PlayOnLinux and Wine platforms.

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