Linux News Today: OpenMW 0.37.0 Open Source Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Remake Improves OpenCS

The developers behind the OpenMW project, an open source reimplementation of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind game, have announced the release and immediate availability for download of OpenMW 0.37.0.

According to the release notes, attached below for reference, OpenMW 0.37.0 is a massive release that includes over 200 changes. Among them, we can mention the implementation of the highly anticipated OpenSceneGraph renderer, support for handling NIF files, which are now recognized as proper resources, optimizations to the resource manager, as well as support for comments in OpenMW’s configuration file (openmw.cfg).

“You may notice that shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land and object shaders, but we wanted to get the release out rather than delay any further! These features will be re-added soon! This release brings many other changes and bugfixes, as well as a huge amount of new work done on OpenCS, the editor for OpenMW,” reads the announcement.

FFmpeg 2.9 support

Among other interesting features implemented in OpenMW 0.37.0, we can notice new Game Time Tracker, NiStencilProperty class, book and journal scaling, profiling overlay via the F3 key, a GUI scaling option, support for anonymous textures, sun glare fader, head tracking for creatures, additive moon blending, and small feature culling.

Furthermore, OpenMW 0.37.0 optimizes the loading screen to load faster, as well as the bullet shape instancing and the character preview, adds support for the next-gen Qt 5 GUI toolkit and the FFmpeg 2.9 multimedia framework, uses skinning data in NIF files, and implements configurable near clip distance.

The OpenCS open source solution for editing content in OpenMW has received a host of changes as well, and there are numerous bugfixes in the OpenMW 0.37.0 release, which you can download right now from Softpedia for GNU/Linux operating systems. More details can be found in the release notes below.

Via Softpedia

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