Linux News Today: OpenStreetMap Cycle Map Is a New App for Cyclists on Ubuntu Touch

The Ubuntu Touch platform is getting all kinds of useful apps and it is at the moment much easier to find something you need. For example, there is now an app for cyclists.

One of the reasons I still use Android is the fact that there are a lot of good apps for people on bicycles. They help me keep track of the distance I traveled, speed, and other useful info. This is the kind of stuff you don’t find on new operating systems and it will be a while until something as complex is ported (developed for Ubuntu), but at least we can see that some minor steps are taken in the right direction.

The OpenStreetMap Cycle Map is a new application for Ubuntu Touch based on, and it provides some simple features like GPS position and displaying map routes. It’s not much, as you can clearly see, but at least we have top people working on it. This app is developed by Marcos Costales, who has a ton of other apps in the Ubuntu Store, the most interesting of which being GPS Navigation.

The Ubuntu ecosystem is getting bigger, and it will soon be impossible to say that there aren’t enough apps. There are still a few big companies that still need to bring their apps to Ubuntu, but things are changing.

Via Softpedia

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