Linux News Today: openSUSE Leap 42.1 Beta Based on Linux Kernel 4.1 LTS

The openSUSE Project announces openSUSE Leap 42.1 Beta operating system has been released and is now available for download and testing.

The new openSUSE 14.1 Leap version is quickly taking shape and the first Beta has been released for this branch, which has been hailed as practically the second coming. Developers insisted on saying that it will change the way people look and use openSUSE and that can only be a good thing.

The Leap name was chosen just a few months ago, and it took them a very short time to get everything into place. The devs are moving very fast, and they are advancing from one milestone version to another with great speed. The final version of openSUSE should become stable by the end of the year.

openSUSE 14.1 Beta is here

“The newest regular release from openSUSE has changes to Grub and Plymouth, which provides an impressive introduction to users setting up and using Leap on their hardware or virtual machines. This new imagery is specific to Leap and openSUSE’s rolling release Tumbleweed will have its own new imagery in the future, which is distinctly different from Leap so users will know what system they are using if they are uses of both distributions,” wrote developers in the official announcement.

According to the changelog, openSUSE Leap will be based on Linux kernel 4.1 LTS, the most advanced long-term support version available right now, XDM 1.1.10 is now used by default, the KDE Plasma desktop has been upgraded to version 5.13.0, along with all the appropriate packages, and the Beta sums up proximately 7,200 packages.

You can download openSUSE 14.1 Leap Beta from Softpedia, but you will have to keep in mind two things. First, this is not a stable release and it shouldn’t be tested on production machines. Secondly, this is not a Live CD, and you will have to install it.

Via Softpedia

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