Linux News Today: Opera 32 Arrives with Dedicated VPN, but Not for Linux

The Opera browser is getting some pretty interesting updates and features, but it looks like not all the platform are getting them. At least one of the new options won’t arrive for Linux.

Linux users waited a long time, almost a full year, to get the new Opera based on Chromium, and then they had to wait until it reached feature parity with Linux. It looks like we’re now taking a step back, and Linux users won’t be able to enjoy the new VPN feature that’s been added.

Not long ago, Opera acquired a service named SurfEasy, which provides an important and safe VPN solution. All’s well and good, but it appears that this feature will only be available for Windows and Mac OS users. There is no information about its Linux arrival, or even a mention of it.

Opera 32 is exciting, but not for everyone

To be clear, Opera 32 does feature some interesting stuff, like the ability to synchronize passwords between PCs just with the help of a master password. Don’t include mobile devices in this category.

“Using a VPN is like putting that postcard into a strongbox, which is then loaded into an armored truck, which drives on a highway inside a separate, concrete tunnel. On computers, SurfEasy VPN is available for Windows and Mac. We’re also looking into more privacy opportunities within the browser now that SurfEasy has joined Opera,” reads the official announcement.

On the other hand, password synchronization is exciting enough to make us forget for a while that we don’t have all the toys the others ones are having. Also, the ability to use animated themes seems to be quite handy.

You can download the latest Opera 32 for Linux from Softpedia, and the Windows and Mac OS X versions can be downloaded from the same page. Enjoy!

Via Softpedia

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