Linux News Today: Opera 35 Dev Gets Lots of New Features and RPM Packages for Linux

The Opera web browser continues to move forward at an unrelenting pace, and its developers have just announced a number of features that will arrive with the 35.x branch. It’s going to be a great release and users can already download and test it.

The Opera developers have been really busy, and it looks like they are preparing a big update. The new version of the web browser will bring some small but very important features that actually look like they should have been here already.

Opera always managed to be one step ahead of everyone else, and they usually added features in their browsers that later became the norm for everyone else. Some of the new things that are about to land are already present in other browsers, but there are a couple of them that are definitely new.

More than just a Chromium update

Most of the Opera updates usually land along with a new version of the Chromium base, but this latest 35.x release is not about that.

The Opera developers have finally implemented a mute button on tabs so that you can mute if something is working in the background. It’s not a pause button, but at least it’s something.

Also, users will now be warned when they close the browser and there is something still downloading, the sync and bookmarks duplication that usually happens when the Internet goes down has been fixed, the Opera menu has been renamed, it’s now easier to enable the Bookmarks bar, and a Simple Settings has been added that brings all the common options in a single place.

Linux users can rejoice as well. The Opera browser is now also packaged as an RPM file, which means that users of Fedora, Mandriva and SUSE and anything else that might be using this type of package will be able to install it much easier.

You can download the latest Opera 35 Dev for Linux from Softpedia, and the Windows and Mac OS X versions can be downloaded from the same page. Enjoy!

Via Softpedia

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