Linux News Today: ownCloud 8.2 Gets Its First Point Release with Over 100 Improvements

On November 18, ownCloud announced the immediate availability for download of the first maintenance release of their open-source ownCloud 8.2 self-hosting cloud server solution for GNU/Linux operating systems.

According to the release notes, which have been attached at the end of the article for reference, ownCloud 8.2.1 is more than a maintenance release as it adds over 100 changes, which include sharing, storage, and performance improvements, user management, and LDAP fixes, UI and usability enhancements, and much more.

“Today the first update to our ownCloud Server 8.2 release delivers a more mature and polished ownCloud experience. […] By publishing these updates less than a month after availability of ownCloud Server 8.2 on October the 20th we continue our streak of planned releases,” reads the announcement.

Among the most important things implemented in ownCloud 8.2.1, we can mention better pagination on the public link share page, optimizations to several shared locks for a single process, the addition of an escape-like parameter in cache operations, as well as better support for Google Drive and Dropbox.

There’s also multiple improvements to the text color, fonts, and CSS styling for several buttons, menu, login screen, and settings, along with support for hiding notifications on delete or after timeout. The icons of the Public and Share folders have also been fixed in ownCloud 8.2.1.

Multiple issues were patched for Internet Explorer 8 and 9

In addition to the multitude of changes listed above, ownCloud 8.2.1 brings better support for the Internet Explorer 8 and 9 web browsers from Microsoft, many sidebar improvements, as well as LDAP fixes for user mapper, quota, connectivity, and initial user creation features.

Last but not least, proper CardDAV cookie authentication has been enabled by default, and there are numerous reliability, stability, and documentation improvements. Download the ownCloud 8.2.1 sources right now from Softpedia and check the official website for binary package for various GNU/Linux distributions.

Via Softpedia

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