Linux News Today: ownCloud Partnerships with WD to Bring Self-Hosted Cloud Storage in Users' Homes

On December 11, ownCloud was proud to announce that they would start a collaboration with the tech giant Western Digital to bring self-hosted cloud storage solutions powered by ownCloud for home users.

In their continuing fight to promote ownCloud everywhere as the safest cloud storage solution ever, the free software company is about to kick off a new project in collaboration with a special division of Western Digital (WD) focused on accelerating new products for home users.

The project consists of creating a self-hosted device powered by the ownCloud Server software, Western Digital 1TB hard disk drives, as well as a Raspberry Pi 2 single-board computer. If the project proves to be successful, they will start selling the devices online in early 2016.

“We want to provide people with a safe home for their data and self hosting is key,” they point out. “In preparation for this we’re looking for people who want to help us lower the barrier to self hosting and help turn this dream into reality. We have 10 test devices available for these brave adventurers!”

Here’s how you can help

Yes, you’re reading it right, ownCloud and Western Digital need a few volunteers who can help them find the best ideas for putting together one of the easiest-to-set-up self-hosting cloud storage solutions. They are looking for ideas to make everything as simple as possible to configure by anyone. So what you have to do? Simple, you need first to make a proposal and send it to ownCloud.

If your proposal is interesting enough to be approved, ownCloud will send you the kit containing the hardware components mentioned above, and you’ll have until the end of January to put your proposal in action. Then, if everything goes according to plan, in February or March, Western Digital and ownCloud will start selling the new self-hosting cloud storage servers.

Hurry up, because you have until December 17, 2015, to send in your proposal, and with a bit of luck, if you get approved, you’ll receive the kit until Christmas. For more information, we strongly recommend that you read the rules provided by ownClound at the end of their announcement. Below, we’ve prepared a few photos of the kit, just in case you don’t believe us.

The final prototype box put together. Will this be an easy-to-use ownCloud server?

The final prototype box put together. Will this be an easy-to-use ownCloud server?

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