Linux News Today: Pinguy OS Developers Play with Ubuntu 15.10 and GNOME 3.18, Release Pinguy OS 15.10

After releasing the Pinguy Builder tool, a Remastersys alternative for remixing Ubuntu, to the open source community, the developers behind the Pinguy OS project posted some details regarding the future of the GNU/Linux distribution.

As you might know, especially if you’re a Pinguy OS user, the distro is and will always be based on the latest LTS (Long-Term Support) version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

For example, the latest version of Pinguy OS is 14.04.3, based on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (Trusty Tahr). On October 22, which is one week from today, Canonical will unveil the Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) OS, which is not an LTS release but has updated technologies.

As such, because the next version of Ubuntu Linux will be an LTS one, Ubuntu 16.04, the Pinguy OS devs were curious to see if the new technologies implemented in Ubuntu 15.10 were compatible with the scripts and in-house built tools of current Pinguy OS versions.

“Been messing around with #Ubuntu 15.10 beta1. As I haven’t built Pinguy OS from scratch since 14.04, and I haven’t updated the building script in a very long time. I decided to have a look at it and see what works and what doesn’t,” said one of the Pinguy OS developers in a recent blog post.

Test images of Pinguy OS based on Ubuntu 15.10 are now available

In their little adventure with the Ubuntu 15.10 distribution and the GNOME 3.18 technologies, the Pinguy OS developers have discovered that there aren’t so big differences between Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS and Ubuntu 15.10. Most things work, and those that are broken can be easily fixed. They even managed to release a couple of ISO images dubbed Pinguy OS 15.10 Test.

Don’t get your hopes high, though, because there won’t be a Pinguy OS 15.10 release, and there will not be any other test images of it in the near future. If the ISO images are still available for download at the time you’re reading this article, get them and take them for a test drive. The next major version of the distribution will be Pinguy OS 16.04, next year!

Via Softpedia

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