Linux News Today: Plop Linux 4.3.1 OS Has Support for Desktop, Server, Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, and Cubietruck

Plop Linux, a small distribution built from scratch and that can boot from CD, DVD, USB flash drive (UFD), USB hard disk or from network with PXE has advanced to version 4.3.1 and is now ready for download.

Not all of the Linux distributions out there are known, and there are quite a few that are really good and that don’t get all that much recognition. This usually happens when the developers don’t bother to update them too often or when the system is a little too alien for new users to just pick it up and use it.

The same can be said about Plop Linux, which is an OS build from scratch. Again, developers tend to use other distros as a base, but there is also some original work in the wild. It’s been a long time since Plop Linux was updated, but it looks like it comes with some really new components that need to be mentioned.

What’s new in Plop Linux 4.3.1?

According to the changelog, the GTK theme has been updated, the Tint2 clock display has been added, the volumeicon2 from Xfce has been replaced with the XFCE Audio Mixer Plugin, UTF-8 is now enabled by default, and Linux kernels have been added for Banana Pi and Cubietruck.

The developer also explained that some of the ARM kernel versions have been upgraded, QEMU to 4.2.8, Raspberry Pi to 4.1.13, Banana Pi to 4.2.3, and Cubietruck to 4.4-rc1.

Also, pretty much all of the packages have received various upgrades, including some important ones for OpenSSL, Mplayer, p7zip, Python (still 2.7.x), Samba, sylpheed, vala, and the Xfce desktop environment (4.12).

Plop Linux is designed to rescue data from a damaged system, backup and restore operating systems, automate tasks and more. You can use Plop Linux as a Server and as a Desktop.

You can download Plop Linux 4.3.1 right now from Softpedia and give it a spin.

Via Softpedia

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