Linux News Today: Possible Linux Support for Elite Dangerous Indicated in Job Posting

Elite Dangerous is currently available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Xbox One, but there are a lot of users out there that would want to see the game on Linux as well. It turns out that the developers might be working on something.

Elite Dangerous is an online space simulator that promises users access to the entire Milky Way. It’s difficult to put it in a specific category, but it could very well be a single player experience and an MMO. The fact that it’s on Mac OS X means that it shouldn’t be too difficult to port it to Linux, but there hasn’t been any official information in this regard.

There are pages upon pages of users asking for Linux support on the official Steam forums but to no available. More than one petitions have been crafted, but none of them have had any real impact. The studio that makes Elite Dangerous, Frontier Developments, has a different agenda, and it’s working on new modules, among other things.

A Linux version, maybe

From the looks of it, Frontier Developments is trying to make the game work on Linux or, at least, this what we can distinguish from a job posting, which has been revealed by a Reddit user.

“Frontier is looking for an experienced systems programmer to join our office in Cambridge, UK, to work on cross-platform library development for providing online services to our game projects. … Ability to write platform-independent code for deployment on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and current generation consoles,” reads the job post.

Since there is a Mac OS X version already working and since it’s using OpenGL, the porting process to Linux shouldn’t be all that difficult. It is much more likely that the networking part is much more difficult to integrate that the rest. In any case, the job posting is pretty thin stuff, but it’s all that’s available right now.

Via Softpedia

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