Linux News Today: Professional Non-Linear Video Editing App Lightworks 12.5 Released with 4K Support

Lightworks is a professional non-linear editing solution that’s used for mastering videos and is available on multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. A new version has been released, and it integrates a lot of new features.

Non-linear video editing applications are usually very complex, and usually, there are just a few good ones on each platform. Lightworks is one of the best for Linux users, if not the best. This is a commercial application, and it’s not cheap, but you don’t usually find these kinds of features in other apps.

Lightworks is developed by EditShare, but it’s been quite a while since we heard anything about it. In fact, the 12.0 branch was launched in October 2014, and we’ve had only a couple of intermediary versions since then. It looks like the project is still under heavy development, and new features are being planned.

What’s new in Lightworks 12.5

“The Lightworks community may have reason to rejoice with the release of Lightworks version 12.5. The improvements will benefit Lightworks Pro users the most, but there are features that even Lightworks Free users can enjoy. Previous to version 12.5, Lightworks could only export 4K video as an image sequence. Now, Lightworks Pro can export 4K four additional ways, with the H.264/MP4 option including configurable bitrate (with Constant and Variable settings) and compression levels,” say the devs from EditShare.

According to the changelog, configurable H.264/MP4 export format up to 4K is now available, a WebM export option, including 4K, has been implemented, YouTube 2K and 4K export options are now available, support for LUTs .3dl, .looks, .cube, .davlut, and .mga files has been implemented, new Content Manager improvements have been brought, and many more changes have been made.

You can register for Lightworks for Linux and you can download it from Softpedia. Keep in mind that this is a commercial software solution and it has a pricing scheme. Installing it should be fairly easy because the devs provide a binary file. There is also a free version of the application that has limited functionality.

Via Softpedia

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