Linux News Today: PulseAudio 7.1 Sound Server Released with Better Support for Xonar Cards

Arun Raghavan from the PulseAudio project has had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download and testing of the first point release of the PulseAudio 7 open-source sound server.

According to the release notes, PulseAudio 7.1 is a small bugfix release that addresses a crash that occurrend when attempting to use srbchannel, improves support for Xonar sound cards, introduces “Line Boost” and “Mic Boost” to the analog-input.conf file, and adds a warning when shm files can’t be opened.

A user-after-free issue has been fixed in srb_callback, a build system typo has been addressed as well, which could cause the appearance of symlinks in the root (/) folder, volumes that have an unexpected number of channels are now ignored by ALSA Mixer, and Type=notify is now being used for the systemd init system service.

Furthermore, the “Dock Line Out” jack is now recognizable by ALSA Mixer, which can also handle the “Dock Line Out” jack to analog-output-speaker-always. An issue with the default Bash completion folder has been fixed as well, along with a patch for a pa_device_port.profiles leak in alsa-ucm.

Last but not least, timestamps are now correctly updated when the state of the server changes to either IDLE or RUNNING, and the documentation has been updated to reflect the fact that systemd notifications work only without daemonization. Download PulseAudio 7.1 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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